Sonny Lanegan – No Questions “Truth be told, this album would have worked nicely as the soundtrack to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Filmmakers and Hollywood bigwigs, take note – Sonny Lanegan is your man if you want a soundtrack that provides suspense and engages the audience on a visceral level. I look forward to hearing more instrumental tracks from this talented artist”. – Jasons-Jukebox 

“Sonny has now been involved with 2 of my favorite records of the year. (…) It wears its influences on its sleeves, but also twists, turns, and manipulates those influences into something wholly original.”

Jason’s Jukebox

“You will be cheering long after the stage has cleared and the crowd has gone home. This band’s going to knock you on your ass. And you’re going to love every delicious industrial second of it.”

Reb sixxx, Sugarbuzz Magazine

“…classic industrial rock, which doesn’t need to hide from the major players in the scene. (Translated from German)”


“Sonny’s vocals are emotional, yet restrained. Stunning guitar work that really lends to the dark atmosphere (…) as we join Sonny on this nihilistic journey. Why haven’t I heard this playing on every modern rock radio station?”

Jason’s Jukebox

Dark atmosphere lurk in the various songs but never take the upper hand thanks to injections of electro rock above and the
undisputed catchiness of the pieces. (Translated from Italian)”

“A furious cone of light, a wall of notes that won’t allow you to escape. (Translated from Italian)”

José Leaci,

“An interesting blend of catchy choruses rock and digitized notes, melodies new wave who are the “visuale effect” for a performance of high quality. (Translated from Italian)”

“…manages to keep their listeners captivated with every song on the album thanks to catchy songs with great melodies, a lot of guitars and elements of noise pop.”

Bob Media